Club Mobay Experience

When most people think of going through customs and immigration, you probably picture lines, lines and more lines. And in many circumstances, you may be right. However, savvy travelers (and those with an on-the-ball travel agent who specializes in Caribbean travel) know that when you’re traveling to Jamaica, there’s a way around all of that. They’ve developed a service that gets visitors through immigration and customs and on their way to the fun faster. What, you might ask, is this magical bypass called? The answer: Club MoBay!


I used this service on my recent trip to Jamaica and I can tell you from personal experience it’s worth every penny! Not only does it significantly cut down on time spent waiting in line, but if it’s your first visit to the country it might make you feel more comfortable to have a local guiding you through the process, ensuring a seamless experience.


You’ll be met by a Club MoBay representative after disembarking the plane, who will then escort you to the expedited security line, over to claim your luggage, and then through customs. Once you’ve completed all those steps, you’ll go upstairs where you can enjoy the lounge until it’s time to take off for your resort! Inside you’ll find snacks, drinks, private restrooms and a lounge area with complimentary wifi.


At the conclusion of your trip, going home is made a little less aggravating. Upon your return to the airport, after checking your luggage and attending to your other flight details, you’ll be directed to the departure lounge, where you can wait until it’s time to board your flight. They always have a drink of the day in addition to snacks and beverages; bar service is available, along with complimentary wifi and private restrooms. It’s a MUCH more comfortable area to wait for your flight than out in the airport, trust me!


I always recommend this service for my clients, as it just makes navigating the airport so much more enjoyable; you feel like you’re really on vacation from start to finish instead of being left disgruntled after dealing with lines and so many other tired, frustrated travelers. It’s also available at the Kingston airport, as Club Kingston, so no matter where you enter, your Jamaican hosts are ready to receive you!

Travel TipsLauren LeBrun